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How can I apply for Petroleum or Lease Bonds?

Applications for Petroleum or Lease Bonds can be made either by telephone, email or you can download the startup documents and return to us to get the process underway.


See left to download:

  • AUS Petrobonds Checklist

  • NZ Petrobonds Checklist 

  • Leasebonds Checklist for Petrol / Service Stations

  • 2021 Corporate Questionnaire - Statement of Assets and Liabilities

Financial Statements (externally prepared by accountant/auditor) of the applicant, plus any related entities must provide minimum last two years, therefore minimum 3 years trading and where greater than 6 months old interim management accounts.


Business plan and or corporate profile outlining background information, ownership structure, organization and management structure, cash flow projections for next 12 months, schedule of financial accommodation (including related entities) including name of institution, interest rate and repayment terms plus details on any contingent liabilities.


Trusts where an applicant/indemnifier is a trustee of a trust, a certified true copy of the relevant trust deed (including any variations) must be provided together with details of the unit holders or beneficiaries of the trust.


Statement of personal assets & liabilities from each individual, partner and or director (public companies excluded).