Celebrating over 25 years in Petroleum Bonds

PetroBonds is recognised as the market leader in petroleum bonding for the Petroleum Industry in Australia and New Zealand.

PetroBonds has been providing Petroleum Bonds (”PetroBonds”) to the Australian and New Zealand downstream petroleum markets since 1995.

Petroleum Bonds ("PetroBonds") provide retail and wholesale petroleum dealers with an alternative form of contractual security to bank guarantees.

PetroBonds specialise in the downstream petroleum markets (available to retail, wholesale, commercial, aviation and marine accounts) and have developed a reputation as a trusted, reputable source of advice and capacity in this niche market.


LeaseBonds for Petrol  / Service stations were introduced in 2020 as a unique product for retail customers to assist in securing their leases without the need for cash outlay.

Traditional security deposits such as bank guarantees and or charges over real estate assets incur an ongoing opportunity cost on a Dealers balance sheet for the life of the petroleum supply agreement.


PetroBonds are provided on an unsecured basis and as such Dealers are free to utilise their cash and or real estate assets as they see fit. PetroBonds incur no ongoing opportunity costs on working capital.


PetroBonds are a simple, cost effective means of meeting a Dealers financial security obligations to their wet stock suppliers.


PetroBonds are also an innovative solution to the issue of securing an oil companies financial exposure in the event of default or failure of their wholesale and retail customers.

Petrobonds product and services are recognised and accepted by leading Oil Companies and Bulk Fuel suppliers in our region, including Allied Petroleum (NZL), Ampol Australia Petroleum Pty Ltd, Dib Group t/a Metro Petroleum, Liberty Oil Australia Pty Ltd, Lowes Petroleum Service, Mogas Regional Pty Ltd / Reliable Petroleum Pty Ltd, Pacific Petroleum Pty Ltd, Petro National Pty Ltd, Chevron Downstream Fuels Australia Pty Ltd, Tasco Inland Petroleum Pty Ltd, Viva Energy Australia Pty Ltd (Shell), Westside Petroleum Pty Ltd and Z Energy Limited (NZL).

Petroleum Bonds and LeaseBonds  are underwritten by Assetinsure Pty Ltd through an MGA with Lombard Insurance Company Limited. 

Assetinsure Pty Ltd is a specialist APRA regulated insurance company that offers coverage for select product lines including Surety (Performance Bonds & Petroleum / Lease Bonds), Mining Rehabilitation Bonds and Credit Enhancement.